There are hundreds of rock climbing routes just minutes from the downtown Phoenix area and ClimbPHX is your destination for adventure! Whether you’re looking for a quick climb after your business meeting or a full day adventure, let ClimbPHX find the routes that are right for you.

Grand Canyon Canyoneering


Scenic and remote, canyoneering takes you deep into the heart of the wilds of Arizona. With it’s blend of navigating, hiking, rappelling, and problem solving, canyoning will test even the seasoned explorer. Come see the beauty that is the Arizona back country.

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Home to one of the nation’s largest bouldering competitions, the Queen Creek Boulder Comp, Phoenix boasts one of the largest bouldering communities in the country. With varying environments to test your skills, Phoenix has hundreds of routes to test your strength.

Red Rappel


Can’t make it outdoors with us or doing some research on your next adventure? Check out our Trip Reports to see some of the trips that we have done locally and in Utah, Colorado and California.



Arizona is host to a number of climbing and adventure-themed events throughout the year. From the Queen Creek Boulder Comp to the Spartan Obstacle Race, you can find something to capture your attention 365 days a year!



Just visiting the area and don’t know where to go? Connect with a local guide that will take you on the trip of a lifetime. Whether you want to soar high above the Valley or plunge into a canyon – ClimbPHX is your source for adventure!

Oak Flat has been threatened by the Rio Tinto Mining Corporation for years – being the center of controversy surrounding a large deposit of Copper in the area. Used by conservationists, Native Americans, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, Oak Flat is a critical riparian environment. CLICK HERE to join the fight against this destruction and SAVE OAK FLAT!
Check out what the
Concerned Climbers of Arizona are doing to fight the destruction of this Arizona treasure. 

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